Our Expertise: Diversity & Women’s Leadership

As a truly global alliance, we understand that diversity means different things in each of the countries, territories and regions that we serve. We understand that diversity means focusing on gender, race as well as inclusion and we ensure that the searches we conduct represent a diverse list of candidates to meet the governance and compliance requirements in each of the countries we work in. But, more importantly, for us diversity is also about the business successes and innovations that come from diverse thinking, experience, skills and frames of reference.

Globally, organisations are challenged with a lack of women in leadership positions and are also facing the challenges that come with the significant numbers of millennial talent entering and reshaping the workforce. Organisations looking to address the gender leadership gap must tackle enhanced leadership diversity and must better understand how to attract, develop, and retain female and millennial talent.

We run diversity searches across senior business and functional leadership roles, as well as for Board-level positions. We regularly conduct bespoke diversity mapping projects across defined functions and industry groups. We will work with you to position your organisation and your talent strategies towards the attraction, retention and development of this important talent pool.

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