The Importance of Effective Boards – Better Boards Strategic Partnership

July 05, 2019
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AltoPartners have formed a strategic partnership with Better Boards – the company that is credited to have taken Board Audits, Board Effectiveness Reviews, and Board Development Programmes to the next level. What sets Better Boards apart is a rigorous, evidence-based approach.

Globally, AltoPartners local member firms work extensively at both executive and board level to help clients secure the highest calibre leadership talent. In the course of non-executive searches, our teams find themselves working with briefs that have been informed by the results of Board evaluations. Following discussions and a period of review, we have studied the evaluation tools and methodologies of Better Boards and continue to be impressed by the approach that Dr Sabine Dembkowski and her team take. It is on this basis that we announce that AltoPartners has added them to a select group of external organisations that we endorse and recommend to our clients.

To find out more about why an effective board is so crucial to long-term business success, click here to watch our video.

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