AltoPartners’ Top Tips For Successful End-To-End Digital Recruitment

October 06, 2020 Share this article:

Tips for Digital Search Process

Have you put all your executive search on hold because you can’t meet candidates in person? Is it possible to actually conduct a successful executive search process without ever meeting the candidate in person?

The answer, it would appear is, yes. Not only is it possible, but there are a surprising number of benefits to online interviewing when it comes to senior placements. Notwithstanding the savings in terms of time and money of not having to move candidates around physically, virtual interviews tend to be more structured and more disciplined, resulting in better hiring decisions. Read how this process can be successful according to our global partners by clicking here

How can you ensure this process is successful?

Preparation is key:

  • Prepare a detailed interview agenda in advance, including stipulating the order in which questions will be asked, and by whom, making sure to allocate every member of the committee a ‘speaking role’.
  • Prepare the candidate – and the client – for any technical hitches. Have an established Plan B.
  • Prep the candidate in the event their interview is video bombed by toddlers, teens or pets. Handling such interruptions in a relaxed, empathetic fashion will reflect well on candidates.
  • Ensure that everything is in place for successful digital onboarding, if necessary.

Joining Zoom meeting now:

  • Use the same platform as the client (Zoom, Teams etc). This usually keeps technological glitches to a minimum
  • Virtual interviews tend to be far more intense than face to face interviews. Pre-scripting helps to keep them short and focused.
  • The role of the consultant is to set the tone and pace of the on-line interview experience.
  • Be present but in the background – this provides comfort to both parties and establishes a trusted presence in the interview.
  • It can help to have candidates prepare and present a short presentation on a topic relevant to the role – it’s a great ice breaker and allows each candidate to shine in their own unique way.
  • Use the chat function to signal if anyone is veering off script, or to remind the candidate to look at the camera and maintain eye-contact.

It’s a wrap:

  • Debriefs with both client and candidate are essential after each meeting – this helps to entrench the role of trusted broker between the two parties.
  • Arrange for an ‘in camera session’ where the board members can discuss the candidates among themselves before inviting the consultants back into the Zoom call. This gives the client the freedom to have a candid internal discussion.
  • Be proactive about scheduling several video calls to introduce the preferred candidate to other directors (not on committee) and to facilitate the development of chair/CEO relationship.
  • If an offer is made, ensure that a dedicated person is assigned to the candidate to answer questions. This relationship will be useful for onboarding later, should the candidate accept.
  • Be prepared to take a far more proactive role in the onboarding procedure – from advising clients on how to prepare for an efficient and effective digital onboarding, to helping the new recruit to establish connection with their team and with key stakeholders.