Pamela Jimenez

Pamela is a Psychologist from Universidad Andrés Bello in Santiago, and has a Diploma in Organizational Development from Universidad de Chile. She has 10 years of experience leading HR areas in the financial sector. Joining the firm in 2011, Pamela has executed over 30 search assignments for both, C-level and direct report positions in in retail, financial, and energy industries.

Before joining the firm, Pamela worked for nine years in Scotiabank. In 2002 she started out as an HR Analyst. Later in 2004 she became HR Consultant (Business Partner) for all the bank’s branches in the Retail Banking Division in Chile. In 2008 she led the entire selection/staffing process for the fusion between Banco del Desarrollo and Scotiabank. In 2010 she became an HR Senior Consultant, representing the entire Retail Banking Division, including all branches, marketing and sales force.

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