Our Expertise: Aerospace & Defence

Aerospace and Defence have been on the forefront of innovation and technology for many decades, and these industries remain trendsetters in the most important economies.

Increasingly, strong national industrial players in this domain seek to further strengthen cooperation beyond national borders as the size and complexity of new programs combined with increasing budget pressure can only be mastered in a joint effort. This is true for both civilian and defence applications and covers the entire value chain from big system houses down to tier-x suppliers. As a result of the COVID-crisis, the budget constraints will increase and accelerate this trend.

On the “people side”, internationalisation implies the need for an additional skill dimension: In addition to classical engineering skills, the ability to work across borders and cultures has moved from a “nice to have” to being a “must” and the labour market for this industry segment has become truly international.

AltoPartners, with its global alliance of owner-managed consultancy firms and an in-depth knowledge of the aerospace and defence industry, is the perfect choice when it comes to mastering the most demanding placements on leadership and specialist level, management appraisal and searches for qualified board members.

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