Before you appoint your next executive ask yourself these 7 crucial questions

February 20, 2020
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By Peter Tulau, Director at AltoPartners Australia

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Appointing a new senior executive is a major undertaking in any organisation. Get it right, and you’re a hero. Get it wrong, and the ramifications will reverberate from the board room to the bottom line.

After decades of partnering with some of Australia’s top companies to fill their C-suite requirements, I know that finding the perfect match goes way beyond a good résumé and a slick interview technique, which is why I have created these Seven Core Questions designed to help you navigate this critical undertaking.

The Seven Crucial Questions

  1. Is my organisation attractive to top candidates, or do our practices inhibit success?

  2. What led to this appointment, and what context will greet the newcomer?

  3. Have I clearly defined the role and the candidate pool?

  4. Are we sophisticated when it comes to sourcing and engaging the best candidates?

  5. Are we up to speed on best-practice when it comes to candidate assessment?

  6. How do I align the executive’s expectations with the company’s expectations?

  7. What should I consider when integrating the new executive?

Based on my experience, 1 have identified the underlying success factors behind each of these Seven Core Questions and developed this series of weekly posts to help you achieve the perfect fit for your organisation.

In this series, you will discover:

  • The art / science of recruiting senior executives.

  • The most common executive recruitment mistakes and how to avoid them.

  • Practical steps to recruit senior executives more effectively.

This series has been developed specifically to help anyone who:

  • Is looking to recruit executives to ensure fit, tenure and performance.

  • Has experimented with executive recruitment in some form or another and maybe engaged external service providers, but with mixed results.

  • Needs help in identifying and assessing the perfect candidate and wants a tangible return on investment.

The Seven Core Questions

  1. Is my organisation attractive to top candidates, or do our practices inhibit success?

To what extent do these positive characteristics accurately represent my organisation?

Robust Values Clear Strategy Insightful Leadership Positive Culture

Career Options Open Communication Relevant Reward.

  • Will the current mix of these factors enable me to attract and retain the best? If not, am I realistic about the calibre of executive I can attract?

  • Can I be honest with myself about how power, politics and culture really work in my organisation?

*Will I be happy with a B-level appointment, given the nature of the organisation and the role’s challenges?

  • Ok, I might be unhappy, but can they get the job done, and will this suffice?

High-potential, high-demand talent has many options and are highly selective. You need to be realistic about your chances of attracting top talent. Rate yourself on the above factors and carefully consider the implications for your approach to market. Ask yourself: Why would high quality candidates choose my organisation over others?

Peter Tulau
Managing Partner AltoPartners Sydney