Best Practices for Covid Times

May 04, 2020
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By Ricardo Bäcker, Founding Partner of Bäcker & Partners

Here are some good practices we can recommend for these times:

  1. Help all employees to become aware that they are not likely to return to a pre-Covid status. There will be a new normal.
  2. The priority is no longer short-term well-being, but medium-term survival. Many benefits of the pre-Covid economy have to be sacrificed for survival.
  3. Assemble teams that work on “the moment after”, including what will have changed in the market and what we learned about how to be more efficient and effective
  4. Large companies should review their Regional and matrix Management schemes, making it much more effective, with less cost, greater control span and allowing agile action by each geography and operating unit.
  5. Rely on leaders who have understood and are positive with the situation and oriented to change rather than on the Organization Chart
  6. Assemble virtual agile groups in charge of different short and medium term projects
  7. Worry significantly about the mood of the employees. Create affinity groups (single people, people with little privacy, family difficulties, etc), providing support to each group by specialists
  8. Virtual “visits” to different geographies by virtual teams simulating the physical visits of the past.