Phenomenal Women of AltoPartners – Anne Borgen

May 16, 2022
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Anne Borgen

This week the AltoPartners spotlight is on Anne Borgen, a partner at Peoplement, executive search specialists based in Copenhagen. Armed with a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management and Diploma in Marketing from Copenhagen Business School, she made the leap to executive search eleven years ago and hasn’t looked back.

Why do you do what you do?

I love to see the impact of my work in the organisation, especially when a candidate moves the business or brings in essential new skills. I get a real thrill out of seeing the right person in the right position at the right time.

How did you get into this industry? Were you unhappy/bored in your previous career, or did you see an opportunity in executive search?

I had a previous career in marketing, but it wasn’t long before I gravitated back to my specialist area of study, which was human resources. Recruitment is only one aspect of human resources, but it’s the one I happen to love, and fortunately, I have a talent for it too. It seemed like a natural next step to establish my own brand and company.

How did you make it happen?

I had built up a considerable network of clients in my previous career, and I could leverage my network to get customers. My marketing and HR background was advantageous, and I also have good communication skills, which are essential in a job like this.

Did you have a mentor? And if so, what was the best piece of advice they gave you?

I was lucky to work with an experienced consultant who really knew his way around executive search. He set a wonderful example of building long-lasting client relationships based on trust and integrity. He hated the hard-sell approach – whether it was selling the client to a candidate or visa versa. To this day, I have a horror of the hit-and-run approach.

What’s your super-power?

I’m very analytical. I can map an organisation and understand a business very quickly. I am also a good communicator, which ensures that a candidate fully understands the role and the requirements. A thorough and creative search process is also one of my trademarks, and I make a point of being involved in the actual search, as this gives me a better understanding of the candidate landscape.

What advice would you have for your younger self?

Don’t be scared of standing on your own feet. Be yourself - that’s what’s unique about you. Be more patient and be more strategic – be prepared to play the political game if you have to.

Who has been your main inspiration to date, and why?

My father, because he never dared to build his own business, even though he had all the skills. He is a creative engineer with a business mind. Today he is proud of me, which makes me very happy