Phenomenal Women of AltoPartners – Beata Preis-Hryniewicz

October 10, 2022
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Beata Preis-Hryniewicz

Veterinary science’s loss was HR’s gain: Meet Beata Preis-Hryniewicz, animal lover and HR specialist at Accord Poland/ AltoPartners East and Central Europe.

What was your childhood career dream?

I wanted to be a vet. I love animals, especially dogs, and have been involved in animal welfare initiatives since I was a child.

So, what happened?

I became a psychologist instead. I graduated from the Warsaw University of Social Sciences and Humanities (SWPS), which is renowned for its psychology faculty, and went on to get a postgraduate qualification from the Assessment and Development Centre at the Social Psychology University in Warsaw.

What was your first job?

I worked in a PR agency while I was studying – it was a fantastic experience as it exposed me to the Pharmaceutical and Consumer Goods sectors and I gained industry knowledge that stood me in good stead for what would later become my passion: HR.

How did you get into Executive Search - was it by accident or design?

Like so many people in this industry it was entirely by accident. After my assignment with the PR agency finished, Hill International was looking for a researcher and friend kindly recommended me for the job. From then on, I knew that was where I belonged and I have planned my entire career around HR, working first in corporate and then as a consultant.

What is it about HR and Executive Search in particular, that appeals to you?

It’s always interesting, and as a trusted advisor and coach, you get to help people make life-altering decisions.

You are a partner with Accord Poland. How did that come about?

I guess you could say I was headhunted! Corinne Klajda heard about me from a friend, and she called. We’ve worked together ever since. The call came at exactly the right time in my career, which just goes to show that in this business – as in life – timing is everything.

Just before COVID, you spent 15 months in the US doing philanthropic projects. What did you do, and how did you come to be involved?

I wanted to use my knowledge and experience to give back, and I discovered Orange County Literacy, a non-profit organization that helps people from different countries start new lives in America.

Did you have a mentor? And if so, what was the best piece of advice they gave you?

I am a good listener and observer, so I have always watched and learned from the people around me. Whether you have a mentor or not, it’s important to have a goal. One particular piece of advice stands out: “ There are many ways to achieve goals and there are many people who think their way is the best. Don’t let them distract you.”

What advice would you give your younger self?

I think I pushed myself too hard, and frequently found myself out of my comfort zone, which was incredibly stressful. I took on new projects and new challenges too soon. So, my advice to the younger me would be: Slow down, be patient and enjoy the successes. Your time will come.

How do you relax and unwind?

Focusing on one task at a time helps me to relax. I also do Pilates and love to be in the kitchen, baking, or cooking.

What’s your superpower?

I have excellent intuition. I know exactly when something just isn’t right, and I’ve learned to trust my gut.