Headhunter: Suchen Kandidaten, die um die Ecke denken / Search Candidates Who Think Outside the Box

May 11, 2017 Share this article:

News Article - Julia Zdrahal-Urbanek, Managing Partner AltoPartners Austria and Global AltoPartners Board member, and Albert Froom, Managing Partner AltoPartners Netherlands and AltoPartners Founding Chairman, were recently interviewed for Kurier, a leading Austrian newspaper. The interview follows a series of successful meetings with the most influential Supervisory Board Members in Austria.

Discussing the latest trends and changes in the market, Albert and Julia reveal how they cope with today´s challenges of finding the ‘perfect fit’ of candidate for their clients. They also spoke about Board Composition, No-Gos and illustrate the ideal top management candidate: “Someone who thinks out of the box.”

To read the full newspaper interview, in German, click here

To contact Julia Zdrahal-Urbanek directly, email her at j.zdrahal-urbanek@altopartners.com. To contact Albert Froom directly, email him at a.froom@altopartners.com

Albert Froom
Global Practice Head Family Owned Businesses AltoPartners Driebergen