Julia Zdrahal-Urbanek

Julia has successfully built up and co-manages the Austrian executive search business of AltoPartners. She has profound experience in filling board and top-management positions in Austria and Europe for global conglomerates as well as family owned and start-up/scale-up businesses. With generalist executive search experience, she has been working in the manufacturing & technology sector, for NGOs, in financial services and for health/biotech/pharma clients.

With almost 20 years’ experience in executive search, talent development and the educational and vocational sector Julia started her executive search career in London, Great Britain, then worked at the Medical Faculty of Wuerzburg, Germany, and moved to the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, Vienna. Prior to AltoPartners she was partner at a leading Austrian Executive search firm, which became part of AltoPartners in 2011. From 2016 to 2019 Julia held an Operating Committee role in the global AltoPartners organisation. She is regularly invited to speak about international trends covering board composition as well as board diversity and holds a Non Executive Director role in a family business. Julia holds a science master’s degree and a PhD in Psychology and speaks German and English.

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