Your Executive Guide to Joining a Board of Directors

January 28, 2019 Share this article:

Contributions by Kevin Hall, Managing Director at Bluestone Leadership Services / AltoPartners Canada and Corinne Klajda, CEO at Accord Group Polska

This BlueSteps Publication was first published on the AESC BlueSteps website. The full document is available for download there.

Glean insights on the board recruitment process and increase your visibility to board recruiters with our Executive Guide to Joining a Board of Directors. In the guide, our key contributors from AltoPartners walk you through the steps of building a strategic plan, from determining if you are ready for a board role to which traits are most desirable in candidates.

The guide provides key insights and valuable tips covering:

  • The best reasons to join a board
  • Types of boards of directors
  • Top 10 ways to leverage & build your network
  • The executive search process for board roles
  • What recruiters look for in board candidates
  • Increasing diversity on boards
  • How to optimise your resume / CV for your board search
  • Is this board role right for you?
  • A complete to-do list for your first board meeting

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