Becoming a digital-first leader

October 18, 2021 Share this article:

Christian Rolin, partner at Peoplement / AltoPartners Denmark, shared his expertise on digital transformation, being a digitally-minded leader and the skills in demand now on a global BlueSteps, AESC career service, webinar

Everything is changing. What was learned yesterday is not going to be used tomorrow. It is about being as adaptive as possible.

The full webinar recording can be accessed via the BlueSteps website. Click here to access the webinar.

Christian believes that regardless of the role / function, all leaders have the ability to have a digital-first mindset. Qualities include agility, being naturally collaborative, prioritise learning & experimentation. It is important that leaders who are wanting to adopt a digital-first mindset don’t score high on control because they won’t be able to change their perspectives quickly. The first thing to consider is not the IT / technical skills of the leader, but rather it is about having a broader strategic objective.

The key is to have a balance between having a data-driven culture and people aligned at making the customer experience journey better through touch-points and experiences. Digital-first leaders look at how they can optimise time for all their stakeholder, employees and clients. They understand the methodologies that are currently available and how they can be applied to save time and enhance efficiency.

We are on the stepping stone of the next technical revolution

The webinar covered the following key topics and related discussion questions:

A. Digital mindsets and leadership in today’s job market

  • How do you define a “digital-first” mindset?
  • What are the competencies that you look for in a digital-first leader?
  • How do you assess for a digital-first mindset?
  • How has covid19 impacted the demand for digital-first leaders?
  • Is there a digital-first talent gap in the c-suite?

B. Demonstrating digital-first leadership

  • What do you look for in terms of demonstarted ability to drive change?
  • What are some of the biggest cultural challenges in implementing a digital-first transformation strategy?
  • What advice do you have for executives working inter-generationally regarding digital leadership?
  • Top tips to overcome roadblocks?
  • Advice for leading digital transformation for a multigenerational workforce?

C. Digital-first skills and your personal brand

  • What are some of the top traits of digital-first leaders?
  • How important is social media in building your brand and demonstrating a “digital-first” mindset?
  • What candidates do to leverage their “digital-first mindset” and leadership skills to improve their careers.

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