Our Expertise: Technology & Telecoms

In the digital age, technology is one of the key drivers of competitive advantage. A deep understanding of how technology can transform business strategies and processes is essential and competitive companies need fast access to innovative talent, who can visualise and articulate the way forward in this new era.

The AltoPartners Technology & Telecoms Practice helps clients look beyond their current organisation to identify the skills required to maximise the use of technology from strategic and operational perspectives. We serve technology related recruitment needs across all industries, as well as helping technology based companies find the right executives for leadership roles. We have an experienced team of knowledgeable Consultants and Partners, with solid experience in both executive search and line management roles in the technology and telecommunications sector. They collaborate in regional or global teams as appropriate on each search, to ensure access to relevant international markets and candidates. We focus on senior level search assignments, helping the client clarify the requirement, working with the hiring team to deliver feedback, and making sure the search is successfully concluded. Our success is demonstrated by repeat business, long-standing client relationships and the long-term success of our placements.

To discuss your leadership needs in Technology & Telecoms, please contact us.

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