Joo-Lee AW

I started The People at Work in 2000 because I wanted to help people build careers which would allow them to realise their potential. Guiding others to explore new possibilities and to expand their thinking felt so idealistic but then, I thought, why not?

After getting my MSc in Marketing from University of Wisconsin-Madison and a BSc, Marketing & Management from University of Oregon, I embarked on a marketing career at Leo Burnett, KFC and Citibank. I went on to add Sales and Business Development to my resume at Radio Corporation of Singapore (now Mediacorp) and finally, Dow Jones International. Along the way, I observed and came to a deeper understanding of how different organisations and teams worked and how the success levers were unique to each culture.

I interact with people from diverse backgrounds. Communicating across cultures requires me to listen with an open mind and heart. Client or candidate, I strive to understand their needs and expectations, whether spoken or unspoken.

Outside of work, I immerse myself in nature, the outdoors and music. My travel wish list is endless and I’ve trekked in Malaysia, Nepal, Japan and the US. I am equally passionate about music, and am still trying to master the silver alto sax I bought with my first bonus. As a company, we would like to help the elderly and sick and over the years have donated funds and equipment to different welfare and charity groups, regardless of religion or race.

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