2020 Executive Remuneration Report

July 02, 2020 Share this article:

Download the 2020 Executive Remuneration Report with benchmarks and key insights for ASX listed mining, oil and gas companies. To download the full report, click here

Richard Fortune, Managing Director at AltoPartners Australia, released the latest remuneration report for 2020, and there have been some significant increases in FY18 & 19 which surprised us given the macroeconomic environment. The current crisis has certainly paused this but the demand for executive talent and subsequent pressure on remuneration looks set to continue in a range of economic scenarios. This is explored this further in the report.

What’s Included?

In this report you will find remuneration benchmarks and insights for ASX-listed Mining, Oil and Gas Companies, including:

  • Board and Key Management Personnel
  • Fixed Remuneration
  • Variable Remuneration
  • Total Remuneration
  • Board Composition
  • Role Tenure
  • Demand Indicators
  • Average Age
  • Gender Balance

This is a useful guide for:

  • Companies gauging appropriate remuneration levels prior to formal appraisal.
  • Directors and executives establishing their value in the market.