Our Expertise: Board Practice

The members of the AltoPartners’ Board Practice, through their many years of experience operating at Board-level, have developed extensive networks and contacts that enable them to identify candidates who are experienced Board members and who meet diversity criteria. The Board Practice brings together our most Senior Partners globally, who work with Boards to appoint Non-Executive Directors and evaluate Board effectiveness. We offer the following services to support our clients:

Non-Executive Director Search

In today’s turbulent times, your Board’s effectiveness is paramount in order to gain competitive advantage. Additionally, with governance, diversity and an understanding of cyber security becoming increasingly important, the challenge is to attract candidates who are both qualified to serve on public company boards and able to bring skills and experience that add value in different ways.

Board Effectiveness

Diverse board membership and adherence to governance guidelines is not enough to ensure superior Board performance. Board processes and the quality of relationships between Directors are also key factors. We have developed a robust global model and approach for gathering data to evaluate Board effectiveness and to form a solid basis for planning systematic Board development initiatives. We conduct in-depth discussions with each Director to gain their input on a series of topics that have been identified as critical to Board effectiveness. This is a challenging process and provides a thorough review of the most important issues. It adds significantly more value than the ‘tick box’ approach that satisfies governance requirements, but does not impact the way the Board actually functions. The resulting review is supported by specific recommendations that can help the Chair improve the performance of the Board.

To discuss your leadership needs in Board Practice, please contact us.

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