Matthias Bruchner


Matthias Bruchner studied environmental and technology sociology, organization sociology, economics and psychology at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich and completed his degree as a graduate sociologist.

Professional Experience

He began his career as a recruiter and researcher within a Search Firm, where he acquired the experience and skills needed to fill commercial and technical positions for demanding clients.

His successful work did not go unnoticed and so Matthias was contacted and contracted by Jack Russell Consulting - AltoPartners Germany in 2008.

Matthias Bruchner has deep technological knowledge combined with a constant curiosity about current topics.

Not least because of his well-founded psychological training, Matthias succeeds in the first contact with suitable candidates to find the motivation position of his counterpart, and also to convey the “story” of the client.

Matthias is distinguished by a pronounced “Can-Do mentality” and does not think in problems but in solutions.

Personal Interests

To this day, Matthias Bruchner is a passionate and still active handball player and has kept loyalty to his club in the north of Munich, for whom he has been chasing the ball since childhood days.

He is often attracted by his “Isar-River” and, as an art and design lover, a frequent visitor of Munich’s many excellent museums.

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