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April 28, 2020 Share this article:

Perspectives from the AltoPartners Australia team

Life in the pandemic maelstrom has, among other things, demonstrated that technology is the means by which we can keep our economy moving, maintain personal and business communities, educate our children and ourselves and most importantly, deliver vital support and medical aid to those in need.

‘Business as usual’ has changed dramatically. Early adopters of technology have almost seamlessly facilitated working from home, data security and remote customer service.

Yet there are many organisations that struggle with the adoption of technology and how to embrace it fully for the benefit of all stakeholders. A recent global survey by the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants revealed more than 50% of boards and leadership teams are having trouble advancing technology strategies within their organisations.

Boards and CEOs need to prioritise their commitment to technology strategies and associated budgets in the face of relentless and nimble competition and the ‘new business as usual’. Concurrently, they need to be anticipating and acquiring the talent to realise these.

In this issue of our newsletter we examine technology from the perspective of the board and CEOs. We take a closer look at how an old industry is being transformed and finally, we examine the capability you’ll need to anticipate the almost exponential growth of change.

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