Julie Garland-McLellan

Julie Garland McLellan is a boardroom specialist. As a company director she has the experience of serving on a range of boards within not-for-profit, government, commercial sectors and with publicly listed companies.

She is the author of:

  • Presenting to Boards; Practical Skills for Corporate Presentations,
  • Dilemmas, Dilemmas; practical case studies for company directors
  • Dilemmas, Dilemmas II; more practical case studies for company directors,
  • Not-for-Profit Board Dilemmas; practical case studies for directors in the non-profit sector
  • All Above Board: Great Governance for the Government Sector

Julie is regularly consulted by the Australian media on board matters and is much sought after as a keynote speaker. Her newsletter The Director’s Dilemma is read in 32 different countries around the world.

Julie has a degree in Civil Engineering, an executive MBA, a graduate diploma in applied finance and investment, a diploma of company directorship and an advanced diploma in company directorship.

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